We all enjoy our down time, and if you’re a millennial or younger, chances are that your leisure period includes video games. In Australia, people aged 5-25 spend an average of 80-100 minutes a day gaming (on top of their other screen-based activities) yet we spend even less time engaging in physical activity.

Exergaming is a trend in the video game industry that has been emerging over the past two decades, which aims to get people up and moving whilst playing video games. The additional time spent ‘active gaming’ helps increase your daily physical activity numbers and as with any exercise, can help alleviate health problems. Arguably the most famous examples of exergames are those from the Nintendo Wii platform, in particular Wii Fit. These games don’t just get your cardio/muscle-building hours up, they also provide gamers with information about their body and their routines.  Yes, that is nearly a decade year old game now, but as the technology improves, so do the exergames.

Over the coming weeks, Activate Young Gamers will look at the benefits of exergames, new technologies that aim to address the exercise stigma and make exergames more fun, go in-depth with several exergames, and share the stories of ‘active gaming’ converts.

We encourage you to come on the journey with us and revolutionise your gaming routines. Share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #ActivateGamers 

– EC

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